Healthy Coat Dog Food Supplement for Excessive Shedding, Itching, Hot Spots


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We at HealthyCoat have revamped our one of a kind supplement to suit the needs of canine companions. Similar to our many other products, this formula is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are the Essential Fatty Acids needed in all animal diets for maintenance, growth and prime performance. Pets supplemented with HealthyCoat have shown a restoration of health as well as reduced hairballs, overeating and hot spots. Supplementing this formula can reduce already present flea dermatitis and dry, flaky skin. Our HealthyCoat Pet formula can also be used to enhance the energy and performance of your show pets. Animals that undergo strenuous activity can often experience inflammation and sore joints. It is important to keep your loving pets in the best condition and health possible. By adding this formula to your pet’s daily diet, you will notice a significant change in their appearance and overall health and activity. This supplement will truly enhance your pet’s quality of life. Specially produced for your pet with a bacon flavor to enhance palatability.

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